Merry Krampus from The Vandelles

by The Vandelles

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"Christmas Songs for the Midnight Hour" by The Vandelles, Merry Krampus!!


released December 21, 2012

Produced by Jason Schwartz, performed by Jason Schwartz Honey Valentine Lindsey Ann Nick Foligno and Ethan Miller



all rights reserved


The Vandelles New York

Brooklyn Hula Rock and Roll

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Track Name: Christmas with the Krampus
Christmas come only one time a year
For all the good girls and boys who's toys are
Yet to be
But for little st nick up in the north pole
There's no rest he's on patrol Yea he's watching you
So be good good good

Oh the Krampus is an evil christmas demon
Grandma said if I was bad he'd come for me
Oh with little st nick it must be fun
One quick trip down the flue and he's coming
So be good good good good good

I, wake to find I slept the night away
Dreaming of him chrome swept sleigh

By the time that the snow is set
and the cookies places, and the tree is dressed
About that time is when he comes around

I wake to find, that I slept the night away, and I'm fine

A merry christmas, and merry christmas to you
A merry christmas, and to all a swell new year
Track Name: Christmas Wishes
Christmas time is here again and I want to say to all my friends
Merry Christmas
Old st Nick is on his way have you been a very good girl or boy
Merry Christmas, merry christmas
My family are near and dear and to them I wish a swell new year
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
Track Name: Wild Sun
Places the you know you can take me
Through the city flows all that makes us
Cold like the white snow that abates this
Moment that I love everything about you

Those perfect perfect places

Places that you know you can take me
Through the city flows all that makes us
Warm like the wild sun that abates this
Moment that I love everything about you

Those perfect perfect places
Track Name: Star of My Life
These day come christmas morning
These days I'm not so young yet
The moment I awake the smell of christmas day
Surrounds me and I can't help jumping up and running to the tree
On christmas morning

I've seen you take your young steps
And I'm amazed at the time that has gone by
I remember the smells of the christmas feast
Cooked all night

Our families gather near the tree
And the little ones like we used to be
As the fire dies the north star in the sky
Guides us all outside and the carolers sing
Christmas time has come again, christmas time has come again

Christmas time has come again
Track Name: Yuletide High
The snow is falling and so's my heart
Its a cold lonely night in McCarren Park

Go for a walk on christmas eve
Like three wise-men did, what does it mean to me

The sun in dropping into the dark
I don't know where to begin, I live by my sins
You're my salvation, he's my salvation, king of this nation

I see him, but not now
Behold him, but not now
My king has come, to save me, to save me, to save me, to save me, and now I feel it
I'm buried alive by the yuletide
I'm buried alive by the yuletide (yuletide high)